Our Mission

Quincy Bag Company—We don’t aim to please, we aim to IMPRESS.

Our ability to deliver what you need when you need it at the right price is what sets us apart. We offer new and reconditioned packaging for industry and agriculture. Whether you need FIBCs, woven polypropylene, multiwall paper, sandbags, or burlap, we can help you.

Quincy Bag is a growing company that focuses on the needs of customers like you. We learn about your operation whether you need an FIBC made in a clean room to food grade standards, a reconditioned bag to carry recycled auto parts, paper or poly feed bags, sandbags, or burlap, our staff can find the right solution for you.

Quincy Bag Company has a modern warehouse and has the ability to ship to most midwest locations in one day. We stock a wide variety of bags that can be shipped as you need them, and we can also have bags made to your specific needs.

Quincy Bag Company—We don’t aim to please, we aim to IMPRESS.

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