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Bulk Bags

Bulk bags / F.I.B.C.

flexible intermediate bulk containers


We refurbish large quantities of bulk bags with a vast range of sizes and specifications. Our Refurbishing department works day and night reconditioning bulk bags. Every bag is cleaned, inspected, and folded with the bottom draw strings retied. All previous labels are removed. Our low overhead enables us to keep costs at a minimum, passing the savings along to you!
  • Over 250,000 new & reconditioned bags on hand awaiting your request.
  • Between Dubuque, Iowa and Houston, Texas and we also have many trusted suppliers with whom we have established a long term relationship which insures fast and prompt delivery.
  • We have a quality assurance system in place to ensure that we are consistently providing you with the highest quality of bags at the lowest possible cost.
  • We will provide a sample of any bag upon request. 
  • Our outstanding staff insures nothing short of excellence from every order with a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. 
  • Check out our comprehensive recycling program.
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